Herch got honored with "A Class Taxpayer"

Column:Company News Time:2019-01-24

The list of Class A taxpayers in Shaanxi Province in 2017, which was organized and assessed by Shaanxi Tax Bureau of State Administration of Taxation, came out freshly in January 2019. Herch Opto Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was named Class A taxpayer for the first time.


A-level taxpayers refer to the comprehensive evaluation of taxpayers' social integrity by tax authorities through two consecutive years of tax registration, tax declaration, tax collection, tax inspection, invoice management, account book management, and the evaluation of taxpayers' social integrity by relevant administrative law enforcement departments, which shows that taxpayers have good reputation and meet a series of conditions.


A-level taxpayers enjoy a number of green channels of service: the tax authorities take the initiative to announce the annual A-level taxpayers list to the society to form a good social effect; they can receive three-month VAT invoices for a single time; for some items requiring examination and approval, they can enjoy "Processing before auditing" when providing complete information, which greatly improves the efficiency of work.


Herch will continue to vigorously promote the application of fluorescence optical fiber temperature measurement system in the industry, try to solve the current complex and special environmental temperature monitoring problems, and bring value to users.  And Herch will continue to fulfill its social responsibility, pay taxes according to law and regulations, and make due contributions to the safe operation of relevant industries.